What a phenomenal program I discovered at NCU. It was truly God sent. The interaction with University staff prepared me for the next level. Always capable to assist you in making your dream come true. That’s why I highly recommend this university to you.

Michael Rolle   Southfield, MI
Master in Christian Leadership and Organizational Management
2015 Graduate

Michael Rolle

I was forced to leave high school because we couldn’t afford shoes. Later I completed my GED, but over the years I never knew what I could accomplish. It has meant so much to me to attend NCU and earn my Associate degree. I am so grateful for the positive and caring staff at NCU and highly recommend them to you.

Sammy Willis, Spartanburg,SC
A.A. Christian Leadership
2010 Graduate

Sammy Willis

My time of learning at NCU and experiencing God’s insights on leadership was enlightening.  I was excited to complete my academic work and to add this incredible experience in life to my resume.  It encouraged and inspired me to learn there was a place for genuine students to accomplish their goals and to excel in life.  NCC added purpose, qualifications and effective ministry skills and resources to my career.  I recommend NCC for anyone seeking a worthwhile university.

Dr. Neil Anderson, Houston, TX
Doctorate in Covenant Leadership
2013 Graduate

Dr. Neil Anderson