New Covenant University

capIn America alone, there are more than 4,000 institutions of higher education, both private and government. So it is undeniable that we live in an age of opportunity for higher education. What is deniable, however, is that truly Christian higher education is readily available and affordable. Modern educational emphasis on passing a course of study for the sake of a degree rather than for the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that the degree should represent. We live in an age where the educated know what to do but few know why.

New Covenant University was established in 1987 by Dr. Paul Crites with a founding principle to mentor leaders with a focused strategy of discovering each student’s life purpose and strengthen each student’s skill set for success in the marketplace of ideas.

It all began with Dr. Crites’ pragmatic and biblical approach of teaching purpose and order in his “School of Purpose” where hundreds of leaders gathered weekly to hear him. Soon the class notes were published into books and training manuals evolving into a state recognized program.

Decades later the vision continues providing students with a leadership and ethics focused education by providing a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs in Leadership, Education, Theology, Ministry and Counseling.

The first international extension campus began in 2008 in Nassau, Bahamas providing the same undergraduate and graduate programs of New Covenant University.

Through the guidance of gifted faculty, relevant guest lecturers and the Great Teacher: The Holy Spirit, it is our goal to see society transform from good to better by affirming and teaching principles in the Holy Scriptures, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ and enabled through the power of the Holy Spirit.

New Covenant University has one of the highest retention and satisfaction rating with thousands of graduates serving in education, business, ministry and government leadership professions.

With vision backed by faith, innovation and integrity, New Covenant University continues to train the next generation of leadership through accelerated, affordable and available learning resources.